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an overview of the process

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Quality video content is one of the most powerful tools of a successful marketing strategy.


But when planning video content, most brands are caught between agencies that charge a premium (for many times cookie-cutter content), or they go with an already overworked employee using an iPhone.

The bottom line is this: if you're a professional brand, you need professional content.


And if you don't want or need a big agency structure, the best option is a boutique production house that has the experience and resources of a big agency, without the mark-ups.

pre production

1) First let's have an elaborate discussion about the goals of your content so we know what we're working towards.

2) We'll do some ideation, create storyboards, shot-lists, production schedules, and pricing for us to discuss.

3) If everything looks good, then the fun begins! 

post production

5) The amount of time it takes to edit a project depends on how much footage was captured, and how precise the editing needs to be.


Generally speaking, after 3-5 days, we'll send you a first rough draft of the direction we're thinking for editing, and you let us know if you like the approach, and any other edits. Faster turnaround times can also be arranged.

6) We'll take your feedback and continue editing--color and sound correcting, adding motion graphics, and source multiple options of royalty free music tracks (only good tracks, nothing cheesy).

7) We'll send you semi-final versions of the video and work with you over 2 rounds of revisions. Once everything looks good, we'll send you the final video files to post or upload.

8) All of the footage we capture will be stored on a hard drive for 3 months, in case there are any other clips you want to use.


4) We come to the shoot with all the equipment needed. We can also rent a space, or shoot in our home studio for product videography.


We can rent any specifics required for your particular project, but here's some of what we love to work with:

  • Sony a7siii mirrorless camera which shoots in 4K and 10 bit color

  • Ronin SC Gimbal Stabilizer

  • Rode NTG Shotgun mic

  • Rode Wireless GO Lav Mics

  • Godox VL-150 LED Video Lights

  • Plus various accessories.

We also have the ability to capture drone footage, should your project call for that!

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