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How to Make a TV Commercial

TV video production powered by Miter Box Media

Commercial video production has many steps.

The first is finding a tv commercial production company. Production companies range from small and medium size firms, to large nationwide agencies. For most businesses, small and medium size firms are more cost effective while still producing high quality video.

After you've found a creative team of video marketers, identify your target audience. Who's already using your service or product? Who do you want to start reaching?

Clearly state your goals for the commercial. Are you promoting a product? Raising brand awareness? Increasing sales?

Second is pre production. You and your creative team decide on the commercial's tone, script, and visuals. We all can probably name commercials we love and hate. It can be an art to get your message across effectively in 30 seconds.

Third, production. This means selecting actors and filming locations. Are you shooting on-site or in a studio? These are the questions you'll answer with your production crew.

Fourth, editing. Editing is incredibly important. Editing controls a commercial's tone and how it looks and feels. This process involves adding music, sound effects, and graphics.

Finally, buying air time. Many businesses work with a media buyer to purchase air time in the best times and broadcast locations possible.


Producing an effective TV commercial can produce great results for your business. It can be fun too! If you're ready to make your own commercial, Miter Box Media's team is here to help.

Feel free to email us at to ask any questions you might have or chat about your commercial!


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