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Barn Lot Kingdom

Growing up in the country is a foreign concept for many. People drive past rural farming communities on their way to other destinations without much thought. Barn Lot Kingdom is the story of a young couple from the country, grappling with how to honor their roots and relationship while staying true to the futures they each want.

Set on a farm right outside Pine Village, Indiana.

Written/Directed by Nathaniel Hamilton

Produced by Miter Box Media

Staring Jordan Mullins and Caitlin Dooks

Uptown Documentary

One of the most diverse and historic neighborhoods in Chicago is often overlooked and misunderstood.

Hear from dozens of locals, business owners, chefs, and performers who tell their story.


From first generation Asian immigrants deciding whether or not to continue their family's legacy, to the future of the Uptown Theatre, immerse yourself in a special neighborhood.

Coming fall 2024.

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